Computed tomography

Computed tomography

CT scan of upper / lower jaw is completed in a matter of seconds

With upper or lower jaw computed tomography, also known as Dental Scan or CBCT, the dentist receives detailed information as the image is three-dimensional (3D) while in a plain panoramic x-ray the image is two-dimensional (2D).

Computed tomography is a valuable diagnostic tool for the treating dentist helping him to draw up the appropriate treatment plan. Indicatively, it is particularly useful in cases such as:
Placement of dental implants.
The doctor receives information about the number and location where the dental implants will be placed, the need for bone regeneration, the bone density of the jaw bone, the location of the alveolar nerve and the sinus, the creation of a surgical splint for implant placement, etc.
Oral surgery design.
Diagnosis of fractures, position of enclosed teeth, root absorption, position of wisdom teeth, cases of excessive teeth, location and size of cysts, etc.
Diagnosis of the number and location of tooth roots for more effective treatment.
Jaw lesions.
Detection and diagnosis of lesions, correct assessment of extent and location.

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