Paediatric Dentistry of the Highest Standard

If you need to see an expert baby or kids dentist near you in Athens who you can really trust to transform your child’s smile and oral health, we can help. We are here to give full play to the inquisitive, innocent and fun young minds of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, gradeschoolers and teens to aged 18.

Dentistry for children is our speciality. We are passionate and dedicated about providing the highest standard of paediatric dentistry and modern, state of the art treatments in the most child friendly, playful and relaxed atmosphere.

Our professional individualised approach and our belief that each visit to the dentist should be fun, form the essence of our philosophy that drives us to develop the most positive and rewarding experiences to promote and reinforce optimal and long-term oral health.


Our team

A group of specialists are working together to achieve a successful treatment, lacking of complications or surprises. Our commitment is to provide yοu with a fully supported and adequately fulfilled treatment plan.

Φορέστε το πιο όμορφο χαμόγελό σας!